Moody Mouse was in a Mood.


Perfect for 6yrs and under

How does Moody Mouse change from GRUMPY to HAPPY?
How do YOU SMILE when you feel SNAPPY?

Wouldn’t it be great to help your children understand how to change their mood from negative to positive?
Storytelling is a great way to explain and remind your children the secret to being happy.
Just like Moody Mouse they can choose to be happy. Enjoy!


Publication –  August 2019
ISBN – 978-0-473-32933-4
Printing – Full colour, 32 page, Picture book.
Size – 23.8cm x 25cm
Binding – Paperback/Saddlestitched


Moody Mouse was in a Mood is the first collaborative children’s book for Susan Wildblood and Joanne Welch.

Joanne is a creative writer that lives on the Kapiti Coast NZ. After bringing up her children she developed a love of children’s rhymes.
She aims to give young children a positive message delivered in an entertaining format.

Additional information

Dimensions 250 × 240 mm


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