The Monster Project-Case Study #1 – Living with monsters


Do monsters really exist? We’ve all heard stories, but are they just that, stories?
What truth is there behind the tales? What is living under the bed? Who is hiding in the shadows? and where is that awful smell coming from?

My home had been taken over by MONSTERS! What a MESS! I had a monster digging into the birthday cake, another swinging on the chandelier, the bathroom had been flooded and a huge crash could be heard coming from one of the bedrooms.
Time for an investigation!!

Publication –  November 2017
ISBN – 978-0-473-37910-0
Publisher – Crooked Crow Publications, Paraparaumu, Wellington.
NZ RRP – $25
Printing – Full colour, 52 page, Picture book.
Size – 27cm x 21cm
Binding – Paperback/PUR Binding

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Dimensions 270 × 210 × 4 mm


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